Francesco Imola

Francesco Imola

Designer in Folkestone, UK, He/Him

I'm currently looking for my next position. I love launching innovative products, supporting emerging creatives, planning intimate events and crafting communications that help organisations better connect with their audiences or raise awareness.

I hope to find a brilliant company to call home soon, but I'm also open to freelance work. If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch – contact details are below. 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)

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Multidisciplinary creative maker and organiser interested in sustainability and sparking positive change. I bridge the undefined gap between design, marketing, operations, and communications. Operating worldwide on GMT.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

I helped Blueberry quadruple their email open rate and accelerate their social media engagement. I've also overseen a soft rebrand and produced many custom designs. I'm glad that my efforts here have contributed to the continued success of independent editors, designers and visual artists.

2020 — 2021

I co-designed a major online hub and covid-safe protocol for Film & TV students that allowed them to keep making films during Covid. I also handled social media and set up some great remote classes with industry experts. It was pretty cool to work with some of the same people who taught me when I studied at Greenwich.

2018 — 2020

I helped organise, install, promote and host over 50 exhibitions and events over two years, while also coordinating the galleries' digital marketing activities and assisting the curator. It was truly one of the best work placements I could have asked for!



Contributed to a practice‑led research project, capturing behind-the-scenes shots, designing promotional content, and co-developing a social media campaign. Our efforts increased awareness of Virtual Production, emphasizing the need for standardized workflows to support emerging filmmakers.


Working on a hybrid live event/virtual production alongside filmmakers and theatre experts, I designed a handy programme website for the event's audience, as well as a TEDx sign and other stage backdrops.

Business of Film at University of Greenwich

Designed a logo and motion graphics for a University of Greenwich asynchronous course on the 'business of film', while assisting the lecturer in setting up the foundations of the course on the students' VLE.

Lockdown Cinema at University of Greenwich

Coordinated a series of Covid-safe film screenings and designed posters for each. Each film was followed by a Q&A to discuss the highlights and learnings. I loved working on these events because they mixed education and entertainment to capture students' interest at a time during the pandemic when engagement was at its lowest.

2017 — 2020
Digital Arts, BA Hons at University of Greenwich

Side Projects


I edited and translated an interview between Nicoletta De Santoli & Domenico De Leo. This is featured in the 3rd edition of Passing Notes. *Cover art: Tim McFarlane, Seen and Heard Today Tomorrow Forever, 2022*


A streamlined one-page website with page weight and accessibility at the forefront. It features info about my practice, links to my portfolio, and contact information.


Take my breath away. I mean it, now you can. I will email you the time I start inhaling and the time I exhale. Ongoing.


A micro invitation to lose yourself in the unspoken, this expanded poem encourages reflection on the intangible nature of time.


Web-based work incorporating poetry, photographs, and semi-generative audio-visual elements. These fragments reveal themselves as the user interacts - almost by instinct - with the browser's canvas. The work articulates personal sentiments about "home", what (and who) makes one, and how to find meaning living between homes.

[Audio works only on desktop]


Can re-framing social media content as a stream of consciousness tell the story of how it came to be?

Three Years contains all my tweets from April 2016 to February 2019 – more than a thousand entries. I presented the book at the opening of "528" (an exhibition I co-curated) where I performed an uninterrupted 2:30 hrs live reading.

Exhibition Title Bot

A semi-autonomous program that generated and tweeted 500+ exhibition titles for fictional art exhibitions, from the hilarious to the grotesque. It tweeted daily for two years between 2018 - 2021.


Interactive web-work based on Clemens Meyer's homonymous story. The site guides you through extracts from the story, accompanied by corrupted sketches and a forklift spun in space. The whole is soundtracked by a music piece I composed to enrich the experience.


As a concert photographer for the webzine Getintothis, I captured shots of concerts in Liverpool and the Merseyside area. My gig photography portfolio includes artists like Nas, Idles, Real Estates, Tom Grennan, Nathan Fake, and Stealing Sheep.


I made, released and performed music under my own name and the aliases Mountain King and Young Offices. I played in cover bands, dj'd and performed my own music at informal gigs in Italy and England. I also studied and practiced guitar, composition and music technology for several years until 2017, when my creative practice expanded into other areas.


Mailchimp Foundations at Mailchimp

Yay – I'm Mailchimp Certified! I love using Mailchimp to create engaging, targeted marketing campaigns and dive deep into data analysis to ensure they resonate perfectly.

Inbound Marketing at HubSpot Academy

Gained a better grasp of content marketing, lead generation, automation, inbound marketing, performance analysis, and reporting.

Creating Digital Content at Institute of Coding & University of Leeds

Learned best practices for content creation, critical examination, messaging, tone, language, and effective online communication.

Curating on the Web at Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Gained some really cool and sometimes useful skills to help plan and deliver online exhibitions, and promote them through digital channels.


Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally

Cross-referencing mythology, pop culture, the supernatural, and digital selfhood, the works in this ZIP-compressed exhibition explore fears, desires, and obstacles artists face in times of crisis and isolation.

Curated by Magda Żołędź (of ONE Project) and I, the exhibition opened with an online event featuring artwork walkthroughs, studio visits, and Q&As.


This online exhibition and accompanying catalogue explore the impact of the internet and contemporary digital culture on the practice of emerging artists and curators. This was my major graduate project while at the University of Greenwich.

The exhibition featured works by Enes Alba, Atom Chen, Dario Bucheli, and Perce Jerrom. The catalogue includes an essay I wrote alongside Q&As with Lisa Barnard, Pita Arreola-Burns, Elliott Burns, Valentina Peri, Ghislaine Boddington, and Walter Corneli.


Co-curated with David Waterworth, this exhibition focused on four University of Greenwich graduates—John Joseph Watters, Grace Diggens, Marilia Lezou, and Rhiannon Ashley—working in cross-disciplinary fields that impact our environment and community.


Everything You See Is In The Past on
How to Feel More at Home on

Feature on "How to Feel More at Home" by Banyi Huang on Issue 25 of Show and Tell.


My BTS photographs were featured in News Articles by Story Futures as well as a series of articles on Virtual Production written by Dr. Jodi Nelson Tabor and scholars at the University of Greenwich.


Image “Untitled(2)” published in Issue 04: Self of Harbor Review, an independent online space and publication for poetry and art.


Review of the EP "Feels" that I released as Mountain King in 2016 by the Italian music magazine Rockit.


2021 — 2022

I actively participated in regular meetings with the CPP committee, assisting with writing an open call, reviewing submissions for an upcoming exhibition, and providing input on future projects.



Exhibition catalogue, Q&As, and the opening essay "Playing to the Net".


Exhibition essay for "Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally".